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Mey Seifan

Syrian choreographer Mey Seifan explores the influence of (un)consciousness on the body in everyday life as well as in times of war. In 2011, she started to document dreams that Syrians had during the Syrian conflict. This led to The Syrian Dreams Project. The short film Cocoon is one of the artistic results. Beside the performance series “Destructions for beginners” which started in 2013 in Germany. Seifan is the first professional choreographer in Syria with works such as ConsequencesContract and ElectroSofi. She founded the Damascus Contemporary Dance Platform and Tanween Theatre Company in Damascus in 2009.

Seifan studied at the Ballet Conservatory and at the Dance Department of the Syrian Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts, in Damascus.  After that she studied at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art in Frankfurt, Germany, followed by a Master at the theater studies department at the LMU Munich. Beside her choreographical works, she is a cultural manager, dance instructor and a lecturer based between Berlin and Munich.