Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east




Mey Sefan, Ingo Schweiger / Myosotis Dance Theatre Group

Con-trac(k)t is a duet for two women- one Oriental and one Western, and shows the contrasts and similarities in their lives. Whereas in Oriental societies, the traditional roles of wife and mother are virtually dictated to women, in Western society the expectation to fulfill these roles is much subtler, but nevertheless present. How much free will exists. And what are the results of acting according to it? A sound palette of largely Oriental music and a recorded recitation of the world-renowned Syrian poet Adonis reading from his poem ‘History Tearing in a Woman’s Body’ accompanies the piece. Con-trac(k)t is dedicated to the poet Adonis.

Myosotis Dance Theatre Group is a cooperation between the Syrian Mey Stefan and the German Ingo Schweiger. Both have background as dancers and choreographers.