Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east



Crossing the Edge: about the fusion of dance styles

Mohamed Shafik, Omar Rajeh / Artists from the festival

The dancers and choreographers from the festival will discuss their artistic working methods with each other and with the audience. Each of them has their own power of expression, whether they use a modern of traditional dance style, or whether they found their own way of switching smoothly from one to another.

They will talk about their training an experience in both traditional and modern dance, the relationship between the dance style and their artistic sources, the relationship with (live) music, the rules and taboos and the boundaries and possibilities.

Participating choreographers will be Mohamed Shafik (Egypt), Omar Rajeh (maqamat Theatre Dance/Lebanon) and others. They will be joined by Dutch-based choreographers and musicians who are inspired by traditional and modern dance styles, including Marisa Grande (Improvisation/modern dance) and ud player Haytham Safia. The discussion will be mediated by Jeroen Fabius (AHK Coordinator Dance Unlimited) and the meeting is organized by Jolanda Keurentjes.