Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east



Choreography and Artists ‘Engagement’

Igor Dobricic / Mohamed Shafik, Omar Rajeh, Simon Rowe, Feri de Geus, Wies Bloemen

Middle Eastern choreographers from the festival and Dutch-based choreographers will discuss the subject of engagement and how they incorporate social and political issues into their works. Film clips of the choreographers’ work will be shown and issues such as freedom of artistic expression and the effect of working and living conditions on the choreographers’ work will be discussed.

Participating Middle Eastern choreographers will include Mohamed Shafik (Egypt) and Omar Rajeh (Maqamat Theatre Dance/Lebanon. Dutch-based choreographers will include Simon Rowe (The Dam Company), Feri de Geus (Le Grand Cru) and Wies Bloemen (danstheater AYA). The discussion will be mediated by Igor Dobricic from the European Cultural Foundation.