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Iraqi Ghosts

Mokhallad Rasem

Three Iraqi actors give a narration of the impact that recent wars have had on their past, present and future generation. They have personally tasted the bitterness of that reality in their lives. This is in shrill contrast to the Flemish-German actresses, who have witnessed the wars only through television, internet and newspapers.

Iraqi Ghosts premiered in April 2010 and was enthusiastically received by press and public alike. The piece was selected for the national Theater Festivals in both Belgium and The Netherlands, and one the coveted KBC-Creation Prize for Young Theater in the same year.

Iraqi Ghosts has been performed in Brussels, Antwerp, Zurich, Liverpool and other cities.

Performed by: Sarah Eisa, Julia Clever, Ahmed Khaled, Duraid Abbas, Mokhallad Rasem.

“…Iraqi Ghosts makes you understand how we have become used to the accepted language of war reporting…an unsettling performance about unsettling circumstances.” – De Morgen, Brussels, Belgium

LANGUAGE English, Arabic, Dutch & German