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Last Supper in Palestine

Simon Rowe, Iman Aoun / Dancing on the Edge, Ashtar Theater

Critical reflection of Modern Palestine presented through physical theater by a group of Palestinian performers. Approached with touches of irony, tragi-comedy and ridicule, the performance lays bare the seriousness of the Palestinian situation and the plight of a people living under constant siege.
Drawing parallels between the fate of Palestine and the Last Supper of Christ and the last stations of the cross, the performers wrestle with their fate, twisting and bending in their persistence, dedicated to the fulfillment of a dream against all odds. It’s not over yet.

The performance Last Supper in Palestine was initiated by Simon Rowe and is part of his ‘Globallocal Series’; a series of projects that is being realized in different cities all over the world, where he developed a relationship to the place and people in collaborations over the course of his career.
In recent years, Simon developed a passionate interest in the Israel-Palestine conflict, leading to his involvement in the occupied Palestinian territories. After visiting the occupied territories, he was motivated to create a performance with Palestinians with checkpoints, military occupation and now imprisoned behind a wall.

Inspired by meeting the Ashtar Theatre in Ramallah, he invited Iman Aoun, director of Ashtar, to co-direct a performance presenting the people, their culture and the situation in Palestine.