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Master Class Program

Kassem Istanbouli, Leon van der Sanden

Palestinian theater talent to be coached by renowned Dutch theater director

Kassem Istanbouli (1986) uses a diversity of theater forms including traditional productions, street theater, and public events to reach an international audience. His work is a splendid example of the simple and direct type of performing that Palestinian theater groups have become known for. During this master class program, Istanbouli receives coaching by theater director, dramaturge, and playwright Leon van der Sanden. Van der Sanden has been active in The Netherlands for many years and directed both classic world-repertory as well as new, current and experimental texts. The master class program is an exchange between two generations and two cultures, as well as between two different theater traditions.

From 6 to 9 November, Istanbouli and Van der Sanden will work on Istanbouli’s piece Koum Yaba. The introduction, including a showing of the piece on the first day and the final event of the program are open to the public. The final event consists of a showing of the reworked performance Koum Yaba to be followed by an in-depth conversation. Other sessions on November 7 and 8 are only open to (theater) students and interested professionals.

Wednesday 6 November (14:00-17:00): Introduction & First Showing – open to the public
The afternoon will start with an introduction to the program and to the works and (theater) lives of Istanbouli and Van der Sanden, followed by a showing of Istanbouli’s piece Koum Yaba.

Thursday 7 and Friday 8 November (10:00-15:00): Master Class Sessions –open only to (theater) students and professionals
On these days, the sessions will focus on various themes that arise in the process of coaching Istanbouli in his performance. These will include acting, scenery, the use of space and lightning, and structure. The sessions are open only to theater students of different disciplines such as dramaturgy, directing or scenography, and to other interested students and professionals, who commit to actively take part in the program.

Saturday 9 November (14:00-17:00): Second Showing & Discussion – open to the public
The program will conclude with a showing of the same piece, altered as a result of the master class.This will be followed by an in-depth conversation about the (artistic) choices that have been made as well as the working and coaching process. Themes from the performance as well as Istanbouli’s motivation and experiences as an artist and performer will also be part of the discussion. This afternoon is part of Moment!, a series of lectures and presentations of international artists and academics organized by Theatre & Performance Studies of the University of Amsterdam.

COOPERATION OF University of Amsterdam and Dancing on the Edge COACH Leon van der Sanden PARTICIPANT Kassem Istanbouli LANGUAGE English