Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east



Modernity and Tradition in Art and Culture in the Middle East – Focus on dance

Neil van der Linden / Dina Abu Hamdam, Omar Rajeh, Mohamed Shafik, Mey Sefan

Presentend in the framework of the Café Mediterranee programme is SICA.
A number of choreographic works shown in the Dancing on the Edge Festival show evidence of very modern influences. What is the relationship between dance in the Middle East and international developments in the field, and how can dance be seen within the context of other artistic developments in the region? In addition with the choreographers, led by Chris Keulemans, film clips of their work will be shown. Participants will include: Dina Abu Hamdam – director of the Haya Center and Amman Contemporary Dance Festival in Jordan; Omar Rajeh – choreographer, director of Maqamat Theatre Dance and director of the Beirut International Podium of Dance (BIPOD); Mohamed Shafik – Egyptian choreographer an musician; Mey Sefan – Syrian choreographer of Myosotis Dance Theatre. Discussion coordinator: Neil van der Linden.