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Money Rules the World

De Hollanders , Adham Hafez Company

Is everything, everything, even my love for you, a transaction?

Are love, feelings, and even bodies, tokens of exchange that can be utilized as currencies? Is this part of a new economy of sharing or an increased commodification of the human condition? A theatrical talk show about the value of money and goods in today’s world. Coming from two totally different cities, the artists from Amsterdam and Cairo take the stage to share an evening long encounter full of questions (without answers), songs, dances, and more. With special guest: philosopher Karim Bennamar (The School of Life).

De Hollanders is a collective of young Dutch theater artists, that started in 2011 with their successful graduation performance written by Arnon Grunberg. Established in Egypt, the Adham Hafez Company has been producing work in the fields of contemporary dance, music and installation, since 2003.

COPRODUCTION De Hollanders, Adham Hafez Company (with research support by HaRaKa) WITH Simone van Bennekom, Mona Gamil, Lamia Gouda, Adham Hafez, Eva van Manen, Imke Smit CONCEPT based on Vragen Zonder Antwoord (Questions without Answers) COMMISSIONED BY Dancing on the Edge LENGTH 90’ LANGUAGE English