Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east



Nachtgasten on the Edge

Nachtgasten, (Festival) Artists

A thrilling improvisation performance; the audience more informed than the actors

A number of terrified, uninformed actors from the festival will inhabit characters unknown to them. On the spot, they will be challenged to improvise. Whilst the audience is a witness, equipped with the most horrific confidentialities, they themselves are unaware of their colleagues’ secrets. In this special edition of Nachtgasten, Dutch and Middle Eastern actors share the stage and jump together into the unknown. Theater and exchange in its purest of forms.

CONCEPT Nachtgasten Zwart WITH various (festival) actors LENGTH about 120’ (Brakke Grond)/90’ (Het Huis Utrecht) LANGUAGE English

How Lucky Am I
5 November, 21:00 (De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam). Performers: Meher Debbich Awachri, Has Drijver, Lieke Rosa Altink, Niels Croiset

10 November, 21:00 (Het Huis Utrecht, Utrecht). Performers: Maciej Beczek, Adham Hafez,  Mona Gamil, Niels Croiset