Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east




Meher Debbich Awachri / Dancing on the Edge, Sutton Theatres, Teatro Mediterraneo Occupato

Physical performance about a generation of young men stuck between expectations and reality

is a physical theater performance about young men who feel the burden of their ancestry on their shoulders. Like the physical substance of plastic itself, the spirits of past generations will forever be part of our existence.

Meher Debbich Awachri is one of Tunisia’s most promising theater directors. His performance D-Sisyphe was presented in a number of countries, won several prizes, and was one of the highlights of the Dancing on the Edge Festival 2013. During the festival the idea of Plastic, a coproduction of Dancing on the Edge, Sutton Theatres and Teatro Mediterraneo Occupato, was born. For this unique collaboration, he engaged with artists from Egypt, Tunisia, and Poland.

CONCEPT AND CREATION Meher Debbich Awachri WITH Maciej Beczek, Meher Debbich Awachri, Hazem Header, Mahrez Taher SOUND AND SET DESIGN Mattia Pirandello LIGHT DESIGN Niels Kingma COSTUME DESIGNER Luisa Urso DOCUMENTATION Petra Pirandello COPRODUCTION Dancing on the Edge, Sutton Theatres, Teatro Mediterraneo Occupato LENGTH about 60’ LANGUAGE no problem