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Rituals of Change Workshop III – Sense of Place

Arita Baaijens

Sacred landscapes – Listening – Deep Mapping 

Landscapes and places are expressive, they are alive, contain wisdom and influence us in many ways. How can we do a better job of listening to what landscapes have to tell us?

In this workshop we explore a new language and unearth the key landscapes which have shaped you to become the person you are at this moment. We’ll gradually tune our awareness to the subtle, intricate ways that nature and places communicate with us. We’ll work with a sensory code-language enabling to read odors, sounds, tastes, colors and many other signs and signals. With this practice your body becomes your best friend, it serves as a magnificent compass that allows you to navigate your way into a wondrous world that has always been present but is often overlooked. We will take time to listen. Listening to the stories a place of your choice can reveal to you. And you create a multi-layered deep map that encompasses your beliefs, dreams, experiences and also the stories that the place, which by now has become a sacred place, has revealed to you.

The online session takes place on Thursday the 19th of November from 8 till 9:30 pm CET. Daily or regular incentives through mail start from 13-18 November. Check out the full program here.

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Image (c) Maria Walnut / Paradijs in de polder