Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east




Mouna Laroussi, Tamar Shahinian

Out of curiosity, Mouna Laroussi en Tamar Shahinian, two Amsterdam based choreographers with roots in the region, did artistic anthropological field research into the worlds of 21 women wearing the niqab in Casablanca. While entering welcoming houses, sharing food , and smelling unusual smells, they also entered an unknown world. They sneaked in and out. Seized with emotions they tried to uncover their own subjectivity by discovering the women’s stories.

Would you like to have a sneak too? You are most welcome to join Mouna and Tamar at the presentation of their current work in progress Sneak Preview, a dance documentary in development.  Sneak Preview is also part of PUNCH! a festival for new dance talent organized by Dansmakers Amsterdam. See the website for more information.