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Strange Creatures

Reza Servati / Max Theatre Group

Expressionistic mime cabaret by one of Iran’s most talented young directors

This grotesquely comical theater performance is a series of symbolic scenes which include murder, crucifixion, Russian roulette, and conquest. Using a minimum of props to maximum effect, the piece shows characters that gradually lose their identity. Influenced by unknown forces they evolve, or rather devolve, into strange creatures.
Max Theatre Group avoids traditional methods and strives to achieve a fresh view of theater where sensationalism and clichéd references are not used. In this way, the public is given the opportunity to have new and unique experiences on both intellectual and emotional levels.

“A wonderful performance (…) with a bitter core of violence; both individual and social.” – La Stampa, Italy

CREATOR & DIRECTOR Reza Servati WITH Pantea Panahiha, Majid Bahrami, Asghar Piran, Morteza Esmaeelkashi, Pijan Seraji Pakpoor, Farzin Nobarani, Shima Mirhamidi, Ali Bagheri, Sina Razani MUSICIAN Bamdad Afshar LIGHT DESIGNER Reza Behjat LIGHT TECHNIQUE Reza Behjat INTERNATIONAL COORDINATOR Camelia Ghazali ASSISTANT Noureddin Heidari Maher STAGE MANAGER Toomaj Daneshbehzadi  LANGUAGE no problem LENGTH 80’