Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east



Iran is well represented in the festival this year. Several Iranian artists working in different disciplines show what moves them at the Dancing on the Edge Festival. Click on the project on the right side of this page for more info on the performances mentioned below.

Strange Creatures – Reza Servati / Max Theatre Group
Reza Servati, one of Iran’s most talented young theater directors, shows his expressionistic mime cabaret Strange Creatures. La Stampa (Torino) quoted: “A wonderful performance (…) with a bitter core of violence; both individual and social.”
Amsterdam 16 November | The Hague 17 November

My Paradoxical Knives – Ali Moini
Ali Moini refers to Sufi dance in his meditative and edgy piece My Paradoxical Knives. French magazine Mouvement wrote: “The resonance generated by the rattling of the shocking blades is powerful”.
Amsterdam 16 November | The Hague 17 November | free admission

The Invisible Center of Contemporary Dance – Mohamad Abbasi
The multi-talented artist Mohamad Abbasi created an installation especially for the festival which shows work of his Invisible Center of Contemporary Dance (ICCD). The ICCD was established in Tehran in 2010 by Abbasi in order to introduce the term ‘contemporary dance’ in Iran, where it is not recognized by the authorities as a legitimate art form.
Amsterdam 14-17 November | continuous | free admission

Déjà Vu – Davoud Zare
This intimate dance film by young film director and choreographer Davoud Zare, features the dancer and co-choreographer Sorour Darabi.
Amsterdam 14-17 November | The Hague 15-16 November | continuous | free admission