Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east



The Invisible Center of Contemporary Dance (2013)

Mohamad Abbasi

Installation showing work of Iranian underground dance movement

Mohamad Abbasi presents choreographic work and films of the Invisible Center of Contemporary Dance (ICCD), in an installation made especially for the festival. The ICCD was established in Tehran in 2010 by Abbasi in order to introduce the term ‘contemporary dance’ in Iran, where it is not recognized by the authorities as a legitimate art form. ICCD organizes and facilitates activities such as underground dance workshops, jam sessions, artistic research and the showing of dance films. More than three hundred young people are involved in these ‘on the edge’ activities. In 2011 the center also launched a solo dance festival called UNTIMELY, which presents the results of the previous year’s activities and workshops. The third edition of this festival took place earlier in 2013.

14-17 nov | continuous |Amsterdam | De Brakke Grond | free admission