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The Smala B.B

Khalid BenGhrib / Cie 2k_far

In a coherent series of sketches, Khalid BenGhrib and his contemporary dance group create an unexpected view of Western and Arab city life and situations. Inspired by the paintings of Jeroen Bosch, the sometimes humorous, sometimes absurd sequences are surprising and clever.

The all-male cast has  a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from dance and graphic design to classic Arabic singing, making for a rich and varied performance. The Smala B.B. has been performed in Casablanca, Marrakesh  Cairo, Beirut, Tunis, Washington, Montpelier, Brugges, Antwerp and other cities around the world.

Performed by: Cie 2k_far / Khalid BenGrib, Youness Aboulakoul, Younes Atbane, Zouheir Atbane, Aziz Nadif.

“This dynamic work creates a Chaplinesque world of intensely physical, precisely absurd activity, teetering constantly on the edge of comedy and tragedy…Fantastical imagery and remarkable performances.” – The New York Times, New York, USA