Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east



Exchange Meeting – Theater in the Arab World

A round table with different artists from the festival about their theater practice, locally and internationally. What are their artistic motives? What difficulties do they face? How can they deal with the overwhelming actual situation in the Middle East? How can you make meaningful theater dealing with these issues without falling into platitudes or losing one’s own uniqueness? With Tunisian director Meher Debbich Awahri (Plastic), Egyptian dancers/choreographers Hazem Header and Ezzat Ismail (Miniatures), and Syrian director Osama Halal (Above Zero). Moderator is Jonathan Offereins, programmer of Het Huis Utrecht.

This round table in the Dancing on the Edge Festival is part of a series Exchange Meetings and is a collaboration of Het Huis Utrecht and Stadsschouwburg Utrecht.