Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east



Three Rooms / ثلاث غرف

Amal Omran, Hatem Hadawe, Kathryn Hamilton


A long-distance performance through Skype

During the making of Three Rooms / ثلاث غرف the changing political landscape in Turkey and Europe meant that none of the performers could be in the same physical space as the other. Refusing to replace any company members, the creators instead began to experiment with ways of working that could overcome the physical restrictions, creating a new kind of live-ness for this world we find ourselves in.

Three Rooms / ثلاث غرف  allowed the situation to determine the form of the work and used this form to ask: what are the proxies for corporal presence in a world of ever tightening borders, of increasing immobility? And what are those distances that technology can never cross?

concept & performance Amal Omran, Hatem Hadawe, Kathryn Hamilton creation & video Deniz Buga, Onur Karaoğlu, Kathryn Hamilton technical production Jurjen Alkema, Niels Kingma coproduction Dancing on the Edge, Adelheid&Zina duration: 70′ language English (with some Arabic)


Project selected as part of Performance(s) between two shores supported by the European Commission. In partnership with : Les Bancs Publics – Festival Les Rencontres à l’échelle (FR), BOZAR (BE), Dancing on the Edge (NL), Globalize:Cologne platform for dance & theater (DE), SEE Foundation (SE) – D-CAF Festival (EG), Shubbak Festival (UK).