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Without Damage

Mohamed Fouad



“Absolutely masterful!” (Festival d’Avignon, July 2018, Le Site info)

“Without Damage” gets a ground-breaking debut at Egypt’s D-CAF” (Theatretimes, April 2018)

A solo that is about nothing

“Tree trunks are solid but a tree’s branches are fragile. Merging solidity and fragility is the secret of its survival–and this balance is how we navigate our world too. The body’s capability to adapt to its environment is also its mechanism to survive. Being in control of the firm and malleable elements creates a link between one’s internal and external world.”

In Without Damage, the much praised Egyptian choreographer and artistic director Mohamed Fouad explores how the human body adapts to its changing environment–especially to an audience–and by doing so reflects on the action of art itself. The solo is both heavily charged and at the same time about absolutely nothing: it’s not about Trump, terrorism, and definitely not about crispy KFC chicken. Or is it?

The material comes from choreographic research by Fouad and is a reflection on the navigation of internal and external forces. It asks questions about the commodification of the time that the performer spends offering their skills, identity, emotions, and body to the audience. How much are we allowed to take from the performer without causing damage?

concept & choreography Mohamed Fouad music Ahmed Saleh light design & technical direction Saber El Sayed
visuals Hakim Abdelnaeem production Orient productions and D-CAF Festival with the support of the Tamasi performing arts collective