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Ezzeddine Gannoun

Theater director Ezzeddine Gannoun is an accomplished educator and playwright with a love for authenticity and adventure. Having created more than fifteen professional productions and conducted more than thirty international training workshops, he is considered one of the most prominent theater professionals in the region. His productions have travelled all over the world, including Venezuela, Romania, France, Italy, Spain, Cote d’Ivoire, Benin, Cameroon, Palestine, and Egypt.

Gannoun converted an old cinema into a theater in 1987, the year that president Ben Ali assumed power. In times of censure and oppression, Gannoun and his team produced and programmed engaged and daring theater performances. Since 2011, El Hamra Theatre has also been an important place for social debate. In addition, Gannoun is the founder and director of the Arab-African Center, a school for theater artists from Arab and African countries.