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Ezzeddine Gannoun / El Hamra Theatre

Mad burlesque about disillusionment and the way in which power corrupts

The piece Monstranum’S is an indictment of those who hold the reins of power. Staged by Ezzeddine Gannoun, its form is as compelling as its message. He places his characters firmly on office chairs, symbolizing bureaucracy and control. Playwright Leila Toubel and Gannoun are not afraid of pointing an accusing finger. They have a go at everyone and everything; political leaders, religion, sex, and male-female relationships, but don’t spare themselves or their own culture with their biting sarcasm and sharp humor.

“Pure, engaged, authentic theater. Raw and real.” – Sabri Saad El Hamus, Egypt/the Netherlands

STAGING Ezzeddine Gannoun TEXT Leila Toubel WITH Bahri Rahali as Guitano, Rim Hamrouni as Dilizar, Bahram Aloui as Hloppa, Cyrine Gannoun as Ellaba, Oussama Kochkar as Nems STAGING ASSISTANT Rayya Laajimi VOCAL CREATION Alya Sellami CHOREOGRAPHY Alaa Zrafi SOUND Souheib Oueslati STAGE MANAGER Mourad Mabkhout SUBTITLES Mich LANGUAGE Arabic with English surtitles LENGTH 80’