Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east

How We Work…

  • DOTE is a festival and artistic platform that moves between different borders, bodies, disciplines, histories and (pre)conceptions. DOTE attempts to challenge singular narratives and identities in representation as well as dominant power structures and (post)colonial relations. Both in our programming and in our working processes.
  • We embrace multiple, shifting roles within the festival. Artists are co-curators of the festival and will not be flown over solely to present their performances. Spectators can actively engage and be ‘present’ in the festival, and will not be valued as ‘just’ consumers. DOTE commits to continuing to question itself, work with open questions, and listen to urgencies that need to be unpacked.
  • DOTE focusses on process, on time spent together, and on other exciting, bold and fun forms of sharing and experiencing.
  • DOTE believes in regenerative economics and care-ful ways of producing. DOTE tries to find sustainable solutions for all steps of the (production)process. Sustainable and fair on the human and non-human level.
  • DOTE works cross-culturally and has been building bridges between the Netherlands/Europe and the Middle East and North Africa since 2007. However, we do not believe in geographical homogeneity or specificity. We want to embrace difference and complexity; confirming the need for fluid forms and identities, yet rooted in engagement and curiosity. 
  • DOTE feels at home on the edge of crossings, genres and disciplines. DOTE invites, invents and innovates hybrid forms for the tales that needs to be heard and experienced. Documentation and reflection are important in this process too.