Giorgia Mirto

Giorgia Mirto is a university researcher and anti-racist activist from Sicily. She has spent the past 11 years researching Italian procedures related to the burial, […]

Giulia Crisci

Giulia Crisci is an independent art researcher and curator based in Palermo. She is curator in resonance of the DOTE year of listening in Palermo, […]


BLITZ is a research, training and theatrical company, founded in Palermo in November 2014, bringing together the established experience of artists from different backgrounds and […]

Anne Gehring & Johan Sonnenschein

Johan and Anne work in theater and in literature. Together they investigate their parenthood of a child with an intellectual disability. Often walking, often disagreeing, […]

Angelo Sicurella

Angelo Sicurella is a singer, producer and electronic music composer. Founder of the band Omosumo, his work is based on experimentation and on the mixture […]

Dina A. Mohamed

Dina A.Mohamed is an artist and a researcher with a cross-dispensary background who works through different mediums of video, performance and writing. Her research and […]

Sara Fakhry Ismail

Sara Fakhry Ismail is a Cairo-based performance maker, visual artist and somatic movement practitioner. Their work often examines intersections between movement and sociopolitical aspects of […]

Zeinab Charafeddine

An eternal searcher for inner peace and contentment. My tools are frequenting nature, listening and surrendering to it to the point of union. It is […]


Aterraterra is a multidisciplinary project that combines sustainable agriculture and artistic and activist practices. It was founded in 2020 by Fabio Aranzulla and Luca Cinquemani. […]