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Arab Theater Today – The Hague

Arab Theater Today consists of a two-day seminar in Amsterdam, with shorter versions of the program in The Hague, Utrecht, and Rotterdam. Expanding on subjects raised in the book Doomed by Hope: Essays on Arab Theatre, edited by Eyad Houssami (Syria), Arab Theater Today includes presentations by festival artists and experts in theater and dance from the Arab World.
The book, a collection of essays by writers and artists tracing the history of contemporary Arab theater and its relationship to social change, is one of the first English language volumes on Arab theater. Houssami himself participates as both presenter and co-moderator. With special thanks to Prince Claus Fund and Hivos.

The program of Arab Theatre Today – The Hague features several Syrian artists. The young Syrian choreographer Hussein Khaddour shows his work-in-progress For Me. Khaddour is concerned with the current situation in Syria; to keep seeking freedom, or to start seeking revenge? Following the solo performance, Eyad Houssami gives a presentation on contemporary Arabic theater called Making Theater without Theater Infrastructure. Houssami is a writer and theater artist from Syria, now living in Lebanon, and the central guest of Arab Theater Today. Widely produced playwright Mohamad al Attar lends his contribution as well.