Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east



Cineblend meets Dancing on the Edge

Urgent artistic dialogues with the Middle East

The developments in the Middle East and the resulting influx of refugees in Europe has made a dialogue with artists from this region and the way they perceive the situation at hand a matter of the utmost urgency. It has now become apparent for everybody that their histories are, but actually always have been, closely intertwined with ours. These voices from the Middle East give us an inside view and surprising perspectives from the region, using art as a crucial means of expression.
On 3 November Dancing on the Edge and Cineblend give a preview of the festival, talking with several of the artists and showing fragments of their work. We focus on the way these artists comment on current urgent topics (and how they deal with the representations of their societies) through their art.

Participating guests are: Khalid BenGhrib (Morocco), Aya Musa/ Ayamus (the Netherlands), Akkari (the Netherlands/Syria/Palestine), Adham Hafez Company (Egypt), De Hollanders (the Netherlands).With special presentations by: Jol Alholo, Hannibal Saad (Syria)

Moderator is Ozkan Golpinar, member ‘Raad van Cultuur’ (Council of Culture), journalist and  playwright.