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Double Bill: Dar (Homeland) & Grand Voyage


Dar (Homeland)

A body in search of a homeland

What happens when houses and homelands fade? Where do their bodies go? Dar (Homeland) tries to understand the extent of our attachments to time and space. In a time when some societies are decaying and others are being born, home is an unstable concept. Stephanie Kayal tries to form a home within the body, perhaps finding a final resting point.

choreography & performance Stephanie Kayal sound design/music (live) Sarah Mashmoushy scenography & light Karam Abu Ayash production Koon Theatre Group duration 15-20’ language no problem

Grand Voyage

A multidisciplinary performance about diversity and uniformity

Is guilt lived by a community, paid for by the individual? When you decide to separate yourself from the group, and fall into your own singularity, are you burdened with another form of guilt? Grand Voyage wants to test the sensitivity of the individual in the group. The performance is a journey that takes on different forms, ranging from brutal road trip to procession, from escape to crusade, from pilgrimage to protest march. A journey on which its travelers are bound to one another yet try to bridge their contradictions.

Grand Voyage is a result of the international exchange between theater company DOX (The Netherlands) and Koon Theatre Group (Syria, Lebanon).

choreography & direction Ryan Djojokarso, Ossama Halal performance Antoine Bouguier, Stephanie Kayal, Sarah Mashmoushy, Hani Andary, Nadine Wijshoff, Jeffrey Loewenicht artistic direction DOX Hildegard Draaijer dramaturgy Victor Mentink music Singhkeo Panya, Sophie Margat technical director Karam Abu Ayash coproduction DOX, Koon Theater Group, Dancing on the Edge duration 30’ language no problem

Photo © Estephan Kayal