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Masterclass Here & Now

As part of the Meet the Artist program, choreographer and artistic director Mohamed Fouad teaches the masterclass Here & Now at Het Huis Utrecht. Through different exercises and improviations from his theater and dance practice, he introduces participants to his artistic process and offers an exercise in dramaturgy of movement. Specifically, he is interested in theĀ  temporalities of performance: how it serves as a unique meeting point between performer, audience, time and space.

His physical research focuses on the balance between fragility and solidity in the human body. It analyzes the body (bones, muscles, liquids and nervous system) and connects it with the skin and senses, resulting in tools to communicate with the environment and other bodies. It asks the question: what kind of natural qualities do our bodies have to help us survive?

This masterclass is especially suited for performers, makers, dramaturgs, performance theorists of any level. You do not need to be a professional. The goal is to improve our understanding of different ways of creating work, specifically that which focuses on the body.

The masterclass Here & Now takes place at Het Huis Utrecht on Sunday the 20th of January from 13:00 till 17:00. Register for the masterclass happens here.