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DOTE Why Theatre XL

DOTE Why Theatre XL: Radical Resilience is an open talk dedicated to the artistic practices of two female artists presenting their newest works at Dancing on the Edge Festival 2017, Atefeh Tehrani (Iran) and Shaymaa Shoukry (Egypt)

Both Tehrani and Shoukry are mainly self-taught and usually work with dancers that did not have an extended formal dance education. They have developed their singular movement languages in an environment where it is often difficult to stage their work on a public, professional stage. Radical resilience defines the bodies that are encountered in their performances. At the same time, radical resilience describes their attitude as artists at work.

What is their understanding of resilience in their individual artistic practices? How does resilience relate to the topics of memory and identity (or identities), which are so strongly present in their work? And how is repetition used as a movement strategy that seems to be essential in conveying the meaning of these resilient bodies in performance?

Directly after the DOTE Why Theatre XL, the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht Café offers a Dancing on the Edge daily dish, and the possibility to see the performance Café Lethe. In the morning from 10:00 till 12:00, a dance workshop takes place for students from the Theater Studies Department of Utrecht University. The students will engage with the artistic practice and creative practice-based PhD research of Iranian artist Maryam Bagheri Nesami, who is also a performer in Café Lethe.

Want to attend?

The talk Radical Resilience is public and admission is free. Participation in the morning workshop is possible, but requires some preparation. Please send an inquiry to Laura Karreman at L.L.Karreman@uu.nl if you would like to participate.

DOTE Why Theatre XL is a collaboration of Utrecht University, Het Huis Utrecht and Dancing on the Edge and presented with special thanks to Stadsschouwburg Utrecht.