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WomenSpeak! I was not always a woman, an Arab or a Muslim

Lana Nasser

WomenSpeak! is a project by Basis voor Actuele Kunst (Utrecht), the Graduate Gender Programme and the Centre for Humanities from Utrecht University, Kosmopolis Utrecht and TUMULT.
The 17th edition of WomenSpeak! is a collaboration between Dancing on the Edge and Womenspeak! The main guest is Lana Nasser, a Jordanian actress, dancer, playwright, and translator who has performed in Jordan, the USA and in Europe.

She will perform her piece In the Lost and Found after which she and other guests will talk about her work, the dynamics of the Arab Spring, and the role of women therein. A timely subject on the International Day of Human Rights.

The host of the evening is Nancy Jouwe, program-director of Kosmopolis Utrecht.