Dancing on the Edge Urgent artistic dialogues with the middle east


Maureen de Jong

Maureen de Jong is a food and performance artist specializing in inter culinary exchange, personal food heritage and how both can be a means to relate, connect and build a community. Her work is an ongoing journey in search of the meaning of one’s culture and heritage through food. She creates live events at the intersection of food, art, local economy and social impact.

The Transvaal Bacchanaal for instance, a yearly recurring dining experience since 2017, where local food experts and professional chefs meet in the kitchen to share flavors, secrets and stories from their own kitchens, which are then served and shared with an audience. Intercultural exchange is an important motif of her work. She emphasizes and transcends cultural differences in every project in a theatrical, performative way and strives to champion diversity, allyship and inclusion. Most recently in her collaboration with Phi Nguyen & music theater company Veenfabriek in Cooking for Kakera Akotie (2019): a musical dinner performance commemorating the abolishment of slavery. Theatrical and gastronomical research around the need for a shared narrative of the history of Dutch slavery and colonialism.

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